Site Supervision: Quality Assurance

  • Maintaining close supervision of construction work on site against the construction drawings, work procedures/ methods, materials and workmanship specifications
  • Ensure that the construction locations are set out in accordance with approved drawings and advise on any discrepancy/error in drawings that become apparent during setting out
  • Progress site work, by monitoring planned progress against approved work schedule

Site Supervision: Record information

  • Maintain daily records of Percentage of work completion
  • Type and number of plant and equipment
  • Number and names of the workforce on-site pre-trade/ category
  • Unsafe acts and conditions
  • Accidents/Incidents and near misses
  • Visitors and third parties (sub-contractors) on site
  • Weather conditions and lost time due to weather
  • Any difficulties or special events
  • Any other CASHES development
  • Site notes issued.

Site Supervision: Meetings

  • Attend in conjunction with the project manager or appointed deputy; pre-mobilization / kick-off safety meetings, pre-mob equipment inspection meetings, and site progress meetings.
  • Take minutes of such meetings
  • Attend work method review meetings
  • Ensure site safety meetings are conducted in accordance with CASHES plan and terms of the contract

Site Supervision: Reporting

  • Prepare Weekly Reports
  • Prepare Monthly Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Quality Test Control Reports