About Us


Emabel  – a dynamic, ‘proudly African’ company, was registered on 12th July, 1995and is managed by a dedicated team of multi-disciplined experienced managers with backgrounds in Civil Engineering and Construction Industry, Senior advisors and other specialists, who possess impeccable pedigree and expertise garnered over 25 years – across various countries.

We employ a ‘tightly connected’ network of globally skilled resources, providing expert solutions to diverse sectors.

From the head office in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, the company aims to offer a service where quality, efficiency and value are key fundamentals.



A straightforward and clearly defined strategy guides EMABEL’s daily actions. We provide a tradition of excellent engineering design, construction and assurance services recognized within the sector that exceeds our customers’ expectations by:


  • Endorsing Proactive Planning and Value Management
  • Providing exceptional benefits realization to Stakeholders
  • Building Robust Client Loyalty
  • Adopting Optimal Engineering Consulting Methodologies
  • Empowering fellow Nigerians through effective Skills Transfer



To provide solutions to complex engineering projects using our core values principle (PRIME) and creating an enabling environment for our employees to explore their talents.




Structure’s commitment to green building and sustainability is long-standing.

Are you looking for a quality constructor for your project?