Laboratory testing of earth and construction materials are essential elements of geotechnical analysis. Two of the most important tasks for a geotechnical engineer are the development of a laboratory-testing program appropriate for the specific project and analysis of the results.

Emabel’s personnel can operate any accredited laboratory of international standards  (Soil, Concrete  &  Asphalt/Bitumen  Laboratories ). The senior technicians hold accredited certificates. Emabel encourages and supports the personal training and development of staff.  Support services are always available for more complex studies.

Emabel has a staff of registered engineers who provide construction materials design and consultation.

Emabel’s Construction Consultation Services Include but is not limited to the following:

  • Ground improvement monitoring
  • Construction performance monitoring
  • Construction materials assessment and testing
  • Construction materials mix designs
  • Pavement designs
  • Evaluation of existing pavement
  • Concrete condition surveys
  • Construction materials study
  • Quality control and Quality assurance programs
  • Bituminous material testing
  • Soil and base material testing
  • Building and Architectural materials testing